Representative Payee and Corporate Guardianship Services

Serving the counties of Richland, Grant, Lafayette, Iowa, Green, Crawford, Juneau, Sauk and surrounding areas.

Representative Payee

What is a Rep-payee?
A rep-payee is an Organization appointed by Social Security to receive Social Security and/or SSI benefits for people to assist them with their financial matters.

Re-Payee Services Include:

  • Budget Counseling and budget planning for paying bills with client, including clients spending money.
  • Insure bills are paid on time and help with arrangement with collection agencies for outstanding bills, as needed.
  • Mailing monthly statements to client/case worker.
  • Sending yearly reports to Social Security
  • Doing annual reports for County Economic Support and Food Share
  • Help with Food Share, Energy Assistance and Rental Applications
  • Work with HUD for housing needs
  • Help client to save money for or setup burial trusts
  • Assisting with preparation of Homestead and Earned Income taxes
  • Working with client's retirement fund or other income sources, if needed

Corporate Guardian

Who appoints a corporate guardian?
A guardian is appointed by the county court system for people (wards) who by State statutes are declared incompetent and do not have family or friends who are willing, able or suitable to act on their behalf.

As a Corporate Guardian we will:

  • Meet with client at least quarterly or more if needed.
  • Attend staff meetings and court hearings
  • Complete all necessary paperwork for the Court System, Social Security and County Economic Support and report all changes as needed
  • Insure that ward is in the least restrictive envi-ronment possible and is getting necessary medical care.
  • Insure someone is on call 24/7 for emergencies

Contact Information

Laurie Swenson
Corporate Guardian
Representative Payee
Phone: 608-574-2808
Fax: 608-935-2876

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You may download a brochure about the SWCAP Representative Payee & Corporate Guardian Services. PDF